Monday, November 28, 2011

ok, no time... so here is the update.

Thanksgiving was AWESOME!

I'm training a new missionary, she gets here on Wednesday, I'm super stoked, and a little nervous. That's all I know, so next week there should be more to tell.

Hna. Gillum is going north sometime this week, she will be finishing the training of another new missionary in the north, and she is super excited about it.

we have learned a lot, and we will continue to do so. I love the mission, transfers are always a surprise and that's all the important stuff

I love you

smile ~ Hna. Milmont

Monday, November 21, 2011

Things I Have Remembered:

-My God, my Father in Heaven, loves me with all of His heart: As I look for the tender mercies He sends, as we teach His children, I can feel the power of His love.
-I am here in Argentine, living my dream to serve Him with all that I am: My companion is approaching the end of her mission. The most recent sage advice running through my mind is this ¨remember how ready you were to leave home, to be out here, doing, saying, and acting as our Savior would if He were here. Speaking and finding your spirit brothers and sisters. Remember how happy those thoughts made you. And never lose that excitement. This time is precious. Use it as Christ would, for you are following His footsteps.
-God answers prayers: I had been struggling with knowing what to say as we teach, I had been feeling that I couldn´t possibly help these people. I was wrong. I started praying to have courage to speak, and to recognize the spirit as he spoke through us, I pray for understanding, and the guidance necessary to share the joy of this message. As I have prayed sincerely, with faith, and for faith, God has blessed me. I have received the desires of my heart, My Father, Your Father, Our Father, Answers His children. I know this.
-Miracles exist: look for them.
-Like Abraham, if I am following Gods command, He will provide: Learn what you are willing to do for God.
-Exercise helps people sleep at night: Our bodies are a gift from God, they are the housing for our spirit. Keep it healthy. Your beautiful and unique spirit needs a strong body to carry it forward.
-Acting promptly, on the promptings I receive by the spirit will show God that He can trust me: as we act we receive more promptings from Him
-Positive thinking works wonders: No matter what the circumstances, remember that it wont get better by brooding about it.
-God takes care of His children, my loved ones included: I know you are all safe in Gods arms, you can all know that I am safe.
-The scriptures hold all of the answers to life's problems: The past two weeks I have been really focusing on the Scriptures and the things that apply in my life, and the lives of those we teach. Reading 12 pages a day to finish the Book of Mormon by Christmas is giving me more answers than I ever imagined possible. The Book of Mormon is true, it is inspired, like the bible, it is Gods words for us, for you, for me.
-By Faith, all things can be accomplished: all things
-More often than not, God answers our prayers by giving promptings to others, and them acting: I want you all to ponder this. If you ever have any good thought, if anyone... and I truly mean anyone comes into your mind, do all in your power to contact them, until you find them, don´t stop looking ever, miracles are worked through your hands. I know that this is true.

Happy Thanksgiving, count your blessings, and remember the tender mercies of your Father in Heaven. I know that the Gospel is true. It changes lives.

Transfers are next week, so stayed tuned to see if I´m moving

smile - Hermana Milmont

Monday, November 7, 2011

Inspired Questions

There were a great deal of emotional ups and downs this week, exacerbated by a gillion health problems that have befallen my stoic companion. and I can´t tell you about them all, because there isn´t time. But suffice it to say that things are looking up. We got pretty much 0 for all of our goals, but miraculously we had two investigators who came to church! Cesar, who is our one truly progressing said on Friday that he would be coming to church, then Saturday rolled around and he changed his mind, I think his mom had something to do with it because he is the one with the car in the family, and she wanted to go to the country side. Despite this, we called on Sunday morning to wake him up, like we said we would. His mother answered after several calls and said he wouodn´t be coming. We were crushed. He was learning so much, and enjoying it, wanting to learn more. As we got to the church, he called and asked us if we were at the church. We said yes, and he said great, I´ll see you soon. Talk about tender mercies. Our recent convert, Nati, just got a calling!!!! She is going to be the secretary for the young women in the branch! we are stoked! So that's the update for the work.

Now for the update on me, we had a meeting with our branch president and we were doing our best to not get discouraged. I´m pretty good and letting things roll of my back and moving forward, maybe I´m cold hearted or something... I don´t know. But our president asked me ¨why are you happy?¨ I hadn´t really thought about that before. But the truth is that I didn´t know the answer. I had to think about this inspired question. And I am still finding the answer. But I know that I was called to serve here in this area, because I have something that someone needs. There are people here who need to hear about the gospel from me specifically, and I am here doing My Fathers work, accepting His will. This gives me joy. What an honor it is to be a representative of Christ, and what a blessing it is to be living my dream. I have got to jet. I love you all. smile - Hna. Milmont.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Feliz Dia De Bruja!

So really Halloween doesn't exist here at all, which is kind of a bummer. But we still painted our faces and terrorized each other. You may or may not know that I startle really easily and I have a slow reaction time, which is super entertaining... not so much when a dog starts running at us, hackles raised. I see him approaching in slow motion, watching my life pass before my eyes, before I register "hey that's a big dog, you should run or something" Luckily I'm a good shot with a rock. And they scare just as easily as I do. This week was interesting. Last Sunday we had so much success with our investigators, all of them came to church we taught a ton of lessons, we were following the spirit, and we were feeling like things here in the chacra branch and looking more and more up each week. Then this week happened, and each of our investigators told us that they didn't want us to come back ever again. This was a big blow to us. We have yet to figure out the meaning for this, but we are doing our best to focus of moving forward. Such is the life of the missionary. But something that I am slowly re-learning, is that we control how we act about any given situation. Just like a succor punch, this hit us right where it counts. So now it is up to us to show satan that we will not let anything discourage us. God has our back, and there is no one better to have as our support. At the same time it is really easy to doubt oneself, your testimony, the thing that you thought you knew were true. This happened to me, luckily I have an incredible companion, hna Gillum, who has the uncanny ability to talk sense to me. Once upon a time, I had an unshakable testimony. I could handle anything and everything that happened to me. Because I knew that God was my Father and Jesus Christ was my Savior. Here on the mission I have faced much harder things than I ever did at home. And without being able to talk it through with my parents like I used to. This caused me to think that I must be losing my testimony of the truth. But now I know that is not the case. I have not lost it, it may even have grown. The difference is simply that my knowledge of the truth was sufficient for my past trials. But as strong as it was, my challenges now are different. Like a tree must grow rings to fortify itself with each storm that comes, I must also grow a new layer of my testimony, for I am in a new situation. Growing pains are just that, a pain, but at the end we will look down and see just how far we have come. I love you all, have a wonderful week and don't get discouraged when things seem to be more than you can handle. You are simply learning a new way to rely on God. Remember that you know enough and check out this marvelous talk Stay safe.

Smile - Hna Milmont

Me and My Ghost

I Smell like Kool Aid 1

Feliz Dia de Bruja!

The Italian Juices come out, the girl can cook!

First there were four...

...and then we ate one.

I smell like Kool Aid!