Friday, October 31, 2008


The movie night was a total hit. About 22 people showed up at PresG's house. I was thoroughly pleased. Skinnyjay came too, which was surprising, but happy. I had never seen young Frankenstein before then. Evey time they said Frau Blucher, I couldn't help but laugh. I think her last name means "glue"... I think.

If you have never read the credits before Monte Pithon and the Holy grail, you're missing out. It's pretty funny stuff. After the movies were over I made my famouse hot chocolate for Skinnyjay. I'm spreading my fame, one mug of hot chocolate at a time, moo ha ha, the plan is to take over the world, but keep it on the DL;)

Zombies, ahhh!

on the 30th we had an ASG shindig. it was a fun time, and the costumes were cu-razzy

Juno was one such costume, she had a big jug or orange juice and walked like a pregnant women ready to pop. it was awesome. I bet you can't guess how she made her Fo stomach. anyone care to take a gander? and yes it is fake:)

Archie and I are rather proud of our Frankpumkinstein, but I'm not gonna lie, he looks much better when its dark and the candle is lit. Frankpumkinstein has since grown old and haggard, he had a very sustained life:)
On Halloween we had a great time at school, what with little kids running and screaming when they saw Archie. Apparently I need a Zombie escape plan, some of the stories are slightly disturbing. According to my good friend Skinnyjay... if velociraptors attack I might as well kiss this life goodbye, we have too many windows and not enough doorknobs;)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Halloween is going to be very good to me this year:) so far I have had a blast and the holiday has yet to visit my happy life of college-dom. As you can see I was very creative tonight. My good friend Archie and I carved this stunning masterpiece of a veritable. The bolts by his ears weren't so good, but have since been tightened. unfortunately I have no picture of our dear creation after his tune up. Archie just got his Crockpot back last night, and has been letting his famous stew simmer all day. Hence my stomack made out like a bandit with my eats this evening. Archie had never used his new machine before... so dinner was really more of an experiment, but it was thoroughly enjoyable:) I'm trying to find good ideas for halloween movies to watch this friday. If there are any brilliant people out there with fantastic sugestions I would be most greatful. I need at least one thats rated PG. I hope that you.... who ever "you" are had a spooky night *muah ha ha ha*

there are many times in my life that I just want to take a nap... I have since discovered that I am amazingly talented at falling asleep anywhere:)

Monday, October 27, 2008

I caved

its amazing how convinceing rose can be. The truth is... I have nothing else to do at the moment so I figure... I could fulfill my beloved sisters wishes:) I'm not promising that I can keep this up, because I do have quite the schedual, what with 19 credits and all, but I promis I'm not bitter. I definately love my life and thats not going to change. smile all:)