Monday, June 27, 2011

tigre week 2


Its amazing to me how the Lord puts things in our lives to see if we are paying attention to our blessings. When this happens I feel like the Lord is testing me. Almost poking fun, ¨with all the tenderness of a loving parent¨ (1 nephi 8:37) saying ¨do you remember when I helped you do this? Do you remember that Gift I gave you? How have you used that gift? I didn´t give it so you could forget it.¨ The Lord has a purpose for just about everything, and I have yet to discover most of them, but I´m trying.

My most recent goal is to understand that I don´t have all the answers, and that Heavenly Father does. In 1 nephi 9:3 nefi is talking about the scriptures, and how they have a ¨special purpose.¨ in verse 4 he tells us that He knows it is for a ¨wise purpose¨... ¨which purpose, I know not¨ but he continued to keep the commandments. So the first step is to understand that we don´t understand, the 2nd step is to move forward, doing what God asks and the 3rd step is to trust that everything will be great, not just good, but great:) and when we do these things eventually we come to realize that God ¨prepareth a way to accomplish all his works among the children of men¨(vers 6) Have you ever wondered why 1st and 2nd nephi are at the beginning of the Book of Mormon? Well I´ve figured it out. How many times have you read up to the isaiah chaptures and then stopped because Isaiah is a tough nut to crack? There are so many incredible lessons in these first books. And God knew that we would read those pasages over and over and over again. He, knows waht He´s doing. I challenge you to study them.

I love the truth and peace that comes from knowing I can trust my Father in Heaven. I´m relying on Him a lot. I see so many blessings as I serve the people here. I love learning about them, and feeling love for them. I can´t understand what they say yet, but I can feel what they mean. And my heart is filled. I´m leaning the importance of the Atonement of Jesus Christ and the vital part it has in the His gospel. Also how peace can be ever present when things are difficult. In John 14:27, Christ is telling us that He is leaving peace with us. That peace is the Holy Gost, and his calling is to guide and comfort us. As missionaries we testify of Christ and His Gospel, but the Spirit carries the messege into their souls. In the previous verse we are told that the Spirit will bring all things to our remeberence. The thing that he has brought to my rememberence repeatedly through out my life, and here as a missionary is that Christ will never leave us helpless, thats why He left the Spirit with us. He won´t abandon us, His family. We need to always remember that. And always remember Him, as we strive to be like Him.

I love My Savior, He is my light, and I will not fear. In our pencion (apartment) there is an old sign left by another missionary that reads ¨Dios es mi luz, y no temere¨ I like it better in spanish because it´s saying ¨God is my light, and I WILL not fear¨ thats beter than asking ¨why I should fear?¨ I don´t know when I´ll be leaving Tigre. I´m going south, so as soon as the airport is open for me, I´ll be heading out, i´m kind of on stand by. But until then, I love it here. Its freezing, but the bread is good. Trust in the Lord, let the Spirit be with you and remember you are never alone. ¡Nos Vemos!

Sonrei - Hermana Milmont

Back: E.'s Church, Hansen, Castillo, Middaugh,

LeBaron, and Hess

Front: E.'s Frost, Lewis, Hna. Milmont, E.'s Maddox, Bell

me and my elders; our happy feet

Monday, June 20, 2011

tigre: week 1

Sink or Swim

Getting to Argentina was probably the most stressful experience to date. Luckily, my ability to cope with stress was at its best for the past week. When we arrived in Atlanta it didn´t take us long to discover that the flight to Buenos Aires was cancelled due to volcanic ash in the air. The next flight was not until thursday night. All 28 of us, me being the token Hermana once more, divided ourselves into three groups. Each group was assigned to one of the following missions: Atlanta, Atlanta North, and Makan(sp?). I spent the first three days in the fields of the Atlanta Mission. It was a humbling experience. The sisters I was assigned to had a full schedule of teaching appointments, but alas, each cancelled. I have become very familiar with tracting. I´ve always known that the best way to do missionary work is through the members, but I could never truly appreciate that truth until now. Despite the blistering heat and high percentage of humidity, I loved it. However, its got nothing on Argentina.

We arrived at 8:15am in Buenos Aires, I´ve been adjusting since. Currently I´m in a trio with Hermana Peña, who has one transfer left y Hermana Whitehead who is one transfer old (one transfer = 6 weeks). We are assigned to a area called Tigre currently, I´m supposed to go elsewhere , but because the planes are iffy, I´m here until further notice.

The things that have had the greatest impact on me are the humble circumstances of these people, their faith, and how I can only teach if I´m relying on the spirit. We have taught many lessons in the past 3 days, and there is a distinct difference between the lessons where I´m preoccupied about the language and when let the spirit help me. I know that the hearts of these people are touched by the spirit, whether or not my spanish is correct. Currently I have two choices. I can make excuses for why I´m not perfect, why my spanish is lame why I ¨can´t¨ teach well, and slowly sink. Or I can realize that I wont be perfect ever, my spanish will improve and I can teach provided I am worthy of the companionship of the Spirit and swim (metaphorically of course:) I have been called to teach the Gospel of Christ to His people. The Lord Qualifies whom he calls. I will really on the spirit.

The first day here, we went strait to work, and I was so tired that I had no choice but to rely on the spirit, because of this my spanish was great. Day two rolled around and I started making excuses at the start of lessons for how poorly I spoke spanish. When I expressed these feelings I was doubting the spirit and His ability to work with my little spanish. Those lessons were not as successful. When we rely on God and on the Spirit, we can indeed do all things. I´m working very hard to apply this lesson in my life.

On Saturday we taught Lucy and her son Carlos. They began taking the lessons 3 weeks ago. I have never seen such faith. Their home is about half the size of my younger brothers bedroom, you can ask my dad for square footage. They love God and Jesus Christ. They were invited to read the Book of Mormon and be baptized. They Read it, Pondered about it and Prayed, asking our Heavenly Father if it is true. The Holy Ghost bore witness to them that it is true. When I was bearing my testimony of the words contained in the Book of Mormon and how I love the doctrine of Christ that is taught within, how it has changed my life, Lucy held the book to her heart and said, this is precious to me. Yesterday was their baptism, it was beautiful, the members are supportive and they are now clean. They have begun their journey to eternal life. I love this little family so much. They have strengthened my testimony. And I pray that it may strengthen yours as well.

The work is going forward, I love it here. I´m learning every day. I wish you could see the world through my eyes during this time, but these blurbs of my life with have to do. I love you all and pray that when we meet again we will ¨rejoice exceedingly¨ that we will have ¨waxed strong in the knowledge of the truth¨ and have ¨sound understanding¨ and give ourselves to ¨much prayer¨ (Alma 17:2-3). ¡Nos Vemos!

Sonrei - Hermana Milmont

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Departing for the Mission

Emotions are running high currently. I depart for the blessed land of Argentina on monday the 13th. Its hard to realize how fragile this existence really is. My district is like my family, and once more I have to leave those I love. This is a fairly difficult thing for me, knowing that I may never see my elders, my brothers, again in this life.

Having this experience with them has taught me a great deal about unity. How with unity, the spirit can dwell with us, and inspire us as we strive to follow Christ. How we support one another as we move forward.

So often we stress over whether or not we are doing what the Lord wants us to do. While in all actuality we need simply to choose the right, and as we do this, the spirit will know that he can work through us. It is because we are in action, because we are moving forward, that He can guide us. Have you ever tried to guide someone or something as they were standing still? It isn't possible. If they are not in motion, they cannot be guided. So if we are being good, choosing the right, and moving forward, we don't need to stress.

My district has taught me a great deal about this, and as I learn to do it, it becomes easier to trust in the Lord, and not fear. I trust that through the challenges that I and my Elders will face, we will follow the spirit. I trust that my Elders will be safe. I trust that those at home will feel the love of our Father in heaven. I trust that as I feast upon the words of Christ, and endure to the end that I will be able to teach with a tongue of angels (2nd Nephi 32:3).

I know that this is the work of God and that it will continue to move forward. I love you all. Nos Vemos!

Sonrei ~ Hernana Milmont