Monday, September 19, 2011

Its Windy

So I´m finally here in the Chacra branch of Rio Grande. We´re little, but we are going to grow. The members who are active are incredible and I am so excited to work with them. I´m afraid I don´t have a great deal to say this week. We have already seen miracles here, and I pray that they will continue.

I´m learning how important it is to stay focused on the Lord and on his children. It is so easy to be distracted and when we are distracted we are not effective instruments in the Lords hands. Growing up there was a quote on our fridge that said

¨a distraction does not have to be evil to be effective¨ -Neal a Maxwell

So I have been pondering that for the past few days, and its been interesting to see how bad things go when we are focused on those things which are not expedient. It is crucial to do the small and simple things. Because it is by those things that grate things can happen. And if there is any area that needs great things to happen in the Buenos Aires North Mission , it is Chacra.

When we do what the Lord asks, he has to give us blessings, we have that promise, but if we don´t the promise will fail.

I pray that each of your are able to feel the love of the Lord as you do that which he asks. God loves you.

Sonreí - Hna Milmont

Monday, September 12, 2011

Man, it´s Chile

So I have a funny story this week. Last Monday night my new companion
arrived along with the new companion of Hermana González. It was
super late, and there really is very little space in our apartment.
The kitchen, the bathroom, and the room where we eat, sleep, study,
plan, etc. all would fit in my younger brother's bedroom. So we all
got super cozy as we slept on the floor:)

The next day, Hna. Guillum and I took off for Rio Grande. I learned
so much from her in the 3 hour ride, and I´m stoked to be her companion
for the next how ever long. About 30 minutes after our arrival, we
got a phone call saying that the sisters were going back to Ushuaia.
15 minutes after that we learned that just Hna. Guillum would be
headed back, and that I was going to Rio Gallegos to be Hna. Salva´s
companion until her comp arrived (Visa issues with Peru).

In the mean time, I spent the rest of the day with the married couple
missionaries, and I learned about making fideos (noodles) with the
relief society (the women's organization of the church that provides
help and support to those in need). My Italian roots thoroughly
enjoyed it.

And then bright and early the next day I got on the Austral (greyhound
type bus) and left for Chile. And it looks just like home. Funny how
places are so similar in various parts of the world. I Crossed the
border, hit up customs twice (to leave Argentina and to enter Chile)
took a million photos, ate a super smushed peanut butter sandwich
(which was heavenly.. they don´t have that kind of wonderful here, it
was a gift from the missionary couple), talked about the Gospel of
Jesus Christ and missionary work with the man sitting next to me. Got
on a ferry to cross the straits of Magellan (I have no idea how to
spell that) here its called Magallanes, stopped at customs 2 more
times, arrived in Rio Gallegos and got strait to work once more. And
I did all of this in Spanish, que capa soy:)

And now I´m supposedly getting on a plane to Ushuaia tomorrow, and
then a Convi to Rio Grande once again. I can do this because Hna.
Salva´s companion arrived on yesterday. All through out this
experience I was able to learn just how capable we are as children of
God, to accomplish the things that we don´t feel we can accomplish,
the hard things. I am so grateful for His love and guidance in my
life. and now it´s time to take off. ¡Nos Vemos!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Me Voy!

So I have been in the wonderful Ushuaia for 8 weeks, and now I have to say goodbye. Do you remember in my last email? I talked about how we need to see ourselves as God see´s us? Well, its funny how the Lord makes us put in to action the things that we learn. Tomorrow morning I will be taking a convi (huge passenger van) to Rio Grande to open a new area. There havn´t been sister missionaries there yet, or if there have been it´s been ages because no one can remember.

We find out on the last Sunday of each transfer (6 weeks) who is staying, and who is going, and I was positive that I would be here through December, because that has always been the trend. I don`t think there are many who have been here for less than 6 months, and I have the record for sisters, with only two months!

So when our zone leaders ( the missionaries who take care of the details for the missionaries in their area) called and said that I would be leaving, I thought they were joking... well nope.

Its hard to understand why the Lord sends us to certain areas. Currently I am having a hard time feeling adequate. I have been in Argentina for a little under 3 months, so I am barely ¨un green¨ I don´t have any idea how to open a new area. But I´m trying to remember to see my self as God see´s me.

God has an incredible amount of trust and confidence in each of us. Although we cannot understand His vast amount of love and patience, we can feel it. Right now I´m nervous, excited, hungry (it´s lunch time;) and praying a TON! I´m sad to leave the people here. I love them so much. But I will miss my companion Hermana González, whom I love dearly, the most.

As I pray, I feel the comfort that my Father in heaven is giving me, and I know that everything will be great.

I love you all, be safe and remember the confidence that our Heavenly Father has in each of you.

Sonreí - Hna. Milmont