Monday, November 8, 2010

Summer, Love and the Oregon Coast

lighthouses are intended to make visible what cannot be seen in a storm.
This guidance can be applied in various moments of time, space and thought.

-A lighthouse is a tower, building, or other type of structure designed to emit light from a system of lamps and lenses or, in older times, from a fire, and used as an aid to navigation for pilots at sea or on inland waterways.
-Light is electromagnetic radiation of a wavelength that is visible to the human eye.
-A lens is an optical device with perfect or approximate axial symmetry which transmits and refracts light, converging or diverging the beam.

God has given us the light of the World, to help us navigate at sea. He has given us tools to reflect that light, so that other's might also be directed to safety. But the light must be on for the lens to reflect and become visible to those who are searching.

Picea sitchensis, the Sitka Spruce, is a large coniferousevergreen tree growing to 50–70 m tall, exceptionally to 100 m tall, and with a trunk diameter of up to 5 m, exceptionally to 6–7 m diameter. It is by far the largest species of spruce; the fourth largest conifer in the world (behind Giant Sequoia, Coast Redwood and Western Red Cedar); and the third tallest conifer species (after Coast Redwood and Coast Douglas-fir). It acquires its name from the community ofSitka, Alaska.

The Cape Meares scenic viewpoint is the location of the"Octopus Tree", a large, multi-trunked Sitka Spruce with a trunk circumference of about 50 feet.

To your left are two very attractive tourists standing at said lookout.

Mission Reunions are always a blast... Well Le Chiffre's was entertaining to say the least. I've never been referred to as a wife or fiancée so many times in my life. But seeing sheepish faces when questioners realized that I was simply a Girlfriend was priceless. The Mission Pres. & Wife were absolutely wonderful. It easy to see why Le Chiffre loves them so much :)


I found a bedrock

Hoosteen and Goose
One night at the Rez, it was.... educational, and quasi rumbustious

Goose, Hoosteen, & me
who would have thought sunset at the grand canyon would be cold?

Yogurt at the Embassy Sweet... and sweet were the connections

Thai food in Sacramento, Panang curry is the best
note: be prepared for side effects