Monday, August 29, 2011

The Little Stomach

So my companion is wonderful, she is an amazing missionary, and loves everyone but she does have one fault, its true. Her stomach is the size of a golf ball. This can cause a lot of problems because people pile our plates pretty high. She also can´t handle much red meat. Also an issue here in Argentina, because EVERYONE eats red meat!

We have been trying to devise a plan that will decrease the amount of food that she has too eat. First we tried to eat really slow, so they wouldn´t give us more food as they got seconds for themselves. But this doesn´t work because they give us more food anyway, and then we are late for our next appointment. And that's the only idea that we had... so I, having a larger stomach (as of now), have started eating her red meat, and any food that she can´t finish. She cuts up whatever she can´t handle and then, when our host isn´t looking, I spear as many pieces as possible on my fork and start chewing. Therefore, she doesn´t get sick, the members don´t get offended, and I get my share of blessing. I pray for health and healing every night. That way I can handle any afflictions of the stomach that come my way. I can´t say it´s my favorite solution, but if I can help, I will.

As I do this I think about the challenges that each of us have in life. We confront them, and sometimes it is more than we can handle. It is then that we learn to rely on the savior and the sacrifice that he made for each of us. Its probably an irreverent comparison, but its applicable. Christ does for us what we cannot do for ourselves, He does it because He loves us. And I help my companion do what she cannot do for herself, because I love her. I pray that you are all doing well, and that you aren´t eating too much;) Nos Vemos

SonreĆ­ - Hna. Milmont
Presidente y Hermana Gulbrandsen and our zone/district

The amazing winter supplies from my incredible mother have arrived!
el Fin del Mundo!

Monday, August 22, 2011

See As We Are Seen

One of the follies of men is our uncanny ability to doubt, ourselves and others. Too often we choose to see ourselves and others at their worst. When God and Jesus Christ, who know all of our weaknesses and shortcomings, always sees us at our best.

At some point this week I was reading about Thomas. Good old _____ Thomas. Can you fill in the blank? I´m sure you can. We all know him as doubting Thomas. Thomas at his worst. In John Chapter 20 verse 29, Christ says that because he could see with his eye´s, he believes that Christ has resurrected. And blessed are they that have not seen and yet believe.

All of us pass judgement on Thomas each time we say doubting Thomas. So how often do we pass judgement on ourselves? I would venture to say that we do it a lot. There is another reference to Thomas in John 11:16. Christ is going to return to Bethany to see the body of Lazarus, but the disciples don´t like the idea because there are those waiting to harm Christ and perhaps kill him. Knowing this Thomas says ¨Let us also go, that we may die with him¨

Who is Thomas? Doubting Thomas ? or faithful, loyal, willing to die for Christ Thomas? I think he is the latter. I also think that each of us are the latter. I challenge each of you to see yourself as God sees you, see as you are seen, know as you are known.

At Your Best.

Sonrei - Hna Milmont

Us, right now!

Four of our elders

Snow! In August! Que Barbaro!

La Familia (minus Hno. Maxi)

Bruises are so much better in real life, it was really a lot uglier than this!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Faith to Drop

There comes a point in every missionaries life where they have to drop an investigator (the person ¨investigating¨or learning about the gospel). This is necessary when they are no longer wanting to learn. They stop keeping commitments, start avoiding us, stuff like that. Or we just can´t find them.

One such person was Sergio. My companion found him when she was street contacting about a 2 months ago. He was incredibly sensitive to the spirit. In other words he was ¨Golden¨, this terminology is used when a person is just soaking in what the spirit has to teach, everything makes sense to them and they can´t wait to learn more. He could feel the truth of the Gospel. We taught him for about two weeks, and then.... he went on vacation. We have been trying to find him since.

Finally we had to drop him. This was so hard, because we knew that he was ready for the Gospel and the great blessing that it would be in his life. But we decided to trust that God would make sure Sergio had the opportunity to accept the Gospel in the future.

Two days later, we were going ¨Arriba¨ (the highest part of our area) and of all people, we crossed paths with Sergio! We were stoked! of course we began to teach once more. He decided that he wanted to be baptized on the 20th of August. But something made me and my companion feel that he needed to take that step sooner. During weekly planning we planned to teach Sergio the lessons as if he would be baptized that coming weekend

On Thursday we asked if he wanted to be baptized sooner. He asked if we thought he was ready. We told him to pray about it. And promised, as representatives of Jesus Christ that God would answer.

Hno. Sergio, Change his baptismal date! He was baptized on Saturday and he is so happy. his countenance is brilliant! He is a very punctual person, which doesn´t happen often in our experience. So of course he was the first person at the church, an it was still locked. He had the opportunity to run. But at his baptism he shared with us his experience, and said ¨I decided that I was ready at this time to follow the example of Christ, to take this first step towards eternal life!

The Gospel of Jesus Christ changes lives! I challenge you to let it change yours. I love you all! ¡Nos Vemos!

Sonrei - Hna Milmont

Monday, August 8, 2011

S O C K S spells Socks!

Las Montanas

Always Remember Him!

Mi Habitacion!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Knee Deep and Sinking :)

At this point I have become accustomed to the climate and the people, different customs and lots of... subir.. hiking, climbing? We work on a mountain face, therefore I receive my share of exercise. One day, this past week, we were crossing what had been a puddle, but had since frozen over... of so I thought. I thought wrong, the ice broke, and my left leg, up to my knee was thoroughly soaked. Luckily we only had 2 hours left until our day was over. But that's not all. We had a great lesson with a family, and an appointment set for the next day. We left the home and I was so excited! Not thinking (it was dark at this point) I ran down to the road, and of all places to plant my foot, a large puddle was the prime candidate. You would think I would learn my lesson. It was valuable, and I plan to proceed with more caution.

As I was pondering this experience I thought of the phrase ¨knee deep¨. It is the first part in becoming immersed in anything. For the past few months of my life I have been knee deep in sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the Children of God. I decided somewhat recently that knee deep is not enough. I need to be completely submerged in the work of the Lord. I need to be 100% focused on those that the Lord has prepared to receive the gospel. Each soul has the right to receive it and these moments of service in ushuaia are precious. My calling is to give them that chance. Since understanding this, I have been able to open my mouth and forget my shortcomings.

I know that through My Savior, Jesus Christ, I can and will conquer all of life's challenges. Through Him, I can repent, improve, grow and return to live with my Father in Heaven. God loves each of us and for that reason He called a prophet, Joseph Smith to restore the Gospel of Jesus Christ once more upon the earth. That same prophet translated the Book of Mormon, which testifies that Jesus is the Christ, and that through His Gospel; faith, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the holy ghost and enduring to the end - each of Gods children can be save. We have a living prophet today - Tomas S. Monson - who carries out the will of the Lord here on the earth. I love this Gospel and the opportunity to share it.

SonreĆ­ - Hna. Milmont

Hna. Gonzalez y yo

My first snowfall in Argentina!

My District:
Back: E. Arrowchis, E. Gonzalez, Hna. Gonzalez, yo
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