Monday, February 27, 2012

Greeny Busting and English speakers!

OK so that sounds pretty rough. Here in the mission field we are trained to be the missionaries that our area needs. this training last for 12 week. During this time period you are known as a greeny. Well, I just finished training and now I am in the north with sister who just finished being trained. So the Greeny buster is the First companion that you have after your trainer leaves you, ie. Me:) there is nothing I love more that new missionaries. Fresh out and ready to give it their all. I love it, because my goal was to always keep that excitement. This is HUGE area, it was recently split into two areas. I have never seen so many buses in my life, and I´m working hard to memorize street names. fun stuff. I´m excited.

Our ward is a designated American ward. All of the north americans who work for the embassy and such are in our ward. and ALL of the Argentines here want to speak with us in English. Its a big challenge for me because at this point I'm mostly thinking in Spanish and when I teach it´s in Spanish. Even writing this is borderline brutal. So we´re starting up an English class this Saturday. pretty excited, but have no clue how to teach English. Well I love you all and I pray you are doing well. Do your visiting and home teaching. Without the members, there is no point to missionary work. The members are key in continuing what the missionaries start.

smile - Hna. Milmont

Monday, February 20, 2012


Well, I have literally no time to write, but I was transferred to the north. I´m now in Vicente Lopez. And it is huge! I´m pretty excited. There is a lot of work to do, and I´m stoked to have this new experience. I love you all and I´ll write more next week.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Mi Familia Carrari

Brightly Beams Our Father's Mercy

Noche de Hogar


Cumple de Fer

Our Sketch Area

Monday, February 6, 2012

Sufficiently Retained in Remembrance

So this week, I have been reading in the Book of Mormon, but I have been stuck in Alma chapter 5. Probably because its amazing, I would invite you to read it. The verses that His me at this point in time are as follows:

6 And now behold, I say unto you, my brethren, you that belong to this church, have you sufficiently retained in aremembrance the captivity of your fathers? Yea, and have you sufficiently retained in remembrance his mercy and long-suffering towards them? And moreover, have ye sufficiently retained in remembrance that he has bdelivered their souls from hell?

7 Behold, he changed their hearts; yea, he awakened them out of a deep sleep, and they awoke unto God. Behold, they were in the midst of darkness; nevertheless, their souls were illuminated by the light of the everlasting word; yea, they were encircled about by the abands of death, and the bchains of hell, and an everlasting destruction did await them.

8 And now I ask of you, my brethren, were they destroyed? Behold, I say unto you, Nay, they were not.

9 And again I ask, were the bands of death broken, and the achains of hell which encircled them about, were they loosed? I say unto you, Yea, they were loosed, and their souls did expand, and they did bsing redeeming love. And I say unto you that they are saved.

So, each of us receive blessing from our Heavenly Father, and we are so quick to forget. I know that I, even as a missionary, forget the blessings of God. We pray to find families to teach, and then we find families. I get so excited because of the blessing we received that I forget to continue seeking the Lord's guidance. It is through the Holy spirit that our Father is able to guide us to those who are prepared to receive the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. I remember what God does for me, and I always remember the sacrifice that Christ made for me. But the question is, do I remember it ¨sufficiently¨? Am I sharing what I know? Am I remembering to express thanks in my prayers? Am I showing that thanks in my actions? Do I continue to live as Christ would have me live? Just some things to think about. I love you all. Have a great week, and plan a family home evening, invite your friends who haven´t received the Gospel, and then invite the missionaries to come too.

smile - Hermana Milmont