Monday, August 27, 2012

Recycle! Wahoo!

Cristian, Alfredo, someone I don't know, yo

At the temple open house one of the people I was teaching in my first area came (Monica).  She's now active and her son Alfredo is preparing to serve his mission, I was so happy!

My homemade milk holder - cereal box and packing tape :)

La casa de terror

Kapp, yo, Vargas, Lind

Monday, August 20, 2012

Book of Mormon

I got sick this week and had to be inside for 3 days and am currently taking amoxiciline... fun stuff.  As much as I dread being inside I try to look at the positive side of things.  About 4 months ago our mission decided to read the Book of Mormon together in 2 months.  For better or for worse each one of us has our weaknesses.  One of mine is that I´m a slow reader.  Most people can read 11 pages of the Book of Mormon in 30 to 40 minutes, I read 5-6 pages in a hour, and time is not something that we have a lot of as missionaries..  Needless to say, I got very behind very quickly.  It was a struggle wanting so badly to complete the task and doing everything in my power to do so and just not cutting it.  The two months came and I was only half way done.  I decided that I wouldn´t let it get me down, I pressed on.  And on the 17th of this month, I completed the Book of Mormon!  I love that book and the things that it teaches.  I know that it's true.  It contains the fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and I am so grateful that I get to share it with the world.  In its very pages the words of ancient Prophets speak of the gathering of Israel and how the gospel will be spread to the four corners of the earth in the latter days.  That prophecy is being fulfilled today, and we are a part of it!  What a blessing to be born in this time and under these circumstances.  I invite all of you to find a Book of Mormon, read it, ponder it in your heart, and ask God in sincere prayer if it's true.  As a representative of Jesus Christ I promise you that He will answer through the Holy Spirit, with a feeling of peace and assurance that you can´t mistake.  I love you all and I pray for your happiness.

smile - Hna. Milmont

Monday, August 13, 2012

Lost and Loving it.

So my companion, hermana Kapp, and I are both new in this area... so basically... WE DON´T KNOW ANYTHING! It's splendid.  We are gaining a new appreciation for prayer and step by step learning who´s who and what´s what.  But I´ve heard a lot of great things about this ward, and the members, so that's exciting.  Its a big area... but nothing compared to my previous area.  Therefore I have great hopes of being well versed in all the colectivos and streets by the end of the week:) 

We are working with a young man named Rafael.  He´s in a wheel chair and has a lot of challenges to overcome.  But his faith is incredible.  We contacted him on the street as we were giving out invitations to the Temple open house.  He seemed relatively interested as he accepted the invitation.  Well, the truth is that there are lot of people who seem relatively interested, therefore we didn´t think too much of it.  Now for the question... what makes him different?  He not only accepted the invitation but he came to church on Sunday and went to the temple on Wednesday.  Despite his physical limitations, he went through all the trials involved with wheelchairs and showed up.  He doesn´t think he has faith, but I know that as he continues to progress he will recognize that which the Lord has waiting for him, and see his faith grow.

We were in the Temple helping with the tours Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning (I´m going again tomorrow and Wednesday:).  It was truly a wonderful experience.  I love the Temple and the spirit that is found within.  It's interesting though.  I was talking with my companion about the whole experience and we both noticed, as peaceful as the Temple is right now, we can tell that it has yet to be dedicated.  The dedication of the Temple is something very sacred.  A prayer is offered by one possessing the priesthood authority of God, in this prayer the building is set apart as a sanctified place, the literal house of God.  Within the Temple we learn of our purpose on this earth and our testimonies grow as we find peace and the answers to the questions hidden in our hearts.  I love the temple so much and the blessing that my family has received though going to the temple, I know that it is the literal house of God.  I love this Temple here in Buenos Aires and I am so excited to enter once it has been dedicated and feel the presence of my Heavenly Father therein.  I love you all and I pray that you are safe.

smile - Hermana Milmont
la familia Sossa

Another five thousand invitations more

hnas. Vargas, Lind, Kapp, y yo

Monday, August 6, 2012

Don´t know if you can tell, but our bathroom flooded this week;) 

Hermana Binks, yo e Ian


I Was Devastated... and no I can´t spell.  Every 6 weeks there is the possibility that we move to a new area with a new companion.  Well, after six months in my Beloved Vicente López, I suppose it's my turn to be transferred.  We waited for the phone call last night with anticipation and terror, we knew something would happen, and we had heard that they are planning to split my area again (We have been working the entire area of Vicente López) so I thought for sure I would stay because I´m the only sister who knows the area..... but it wasn´t meant to be.  I´m now in Villa Urquiza with Hermana Kapp and we are splitting the area.  I´m super excited, but there is definitely some bitter sweet feelings.  I will miss hermana binks dreadfully.

OK so what happened last week.

Juan Carlo (we found 4.5 months ago) came to Church!  By himself!!!! He came because he was looking for comfort and he knew where to find it.  He´s so close.  And he wants to know for himself the truth of the gospel. Dario wants to get married and go to the temple.   I finally found Nicolas.  He´s this kid with dread locks that I´ve seen about 7 times and I´ve been trying to talk to him, but he was always outside the train or colectivo when I was inside or vise versa or on a bike, or I didn´t see him until he was already far away.  He´s your classic Bob Marley type, total hippie, but very white.  We have an appointment with him this week.  I won´t be there, but I´ll be praying that hermana binks will be able to invite him to come unto Christ and Help him receive the restored gospel.  He's a really great person, I´m just sad I won´t get to teach him.  Silvie has decided that for now she doesn´t want to spend time learning about the gospel, which broke my heart.  You get so close to people as a missionary and you see their lives changing and then something happens and they don´t want to learn.  I know that her desire will return.  We´ve found a lot of new people who have desires to learn and we have finally been able to enter homes that we thus far haven´t been able to.  I love my ward and I will miss them.

This I´ve learned about myself
I´m observant - this week on the colectivo I was watching a couple and the man indicated with his eyes to his girlfriend to look outside.  So I followed his gaze and saw a model t ford.  so I... love that era and started talking to them about classic cars, and was able to morph the conversation into gospel related topics.  It was great fun.  Then later - again in colectivo - there were two kids probably around 18 or twenty.  One was carrying the body of a drum set in his back pack and the other was carrying the top hat - I, having a little experience in band from my not so recent college days, asked them ¨¿ustedes dos tocan battaría?¨ do you both play drums?  And we talked about music and then what I was doing here and then we taught them about the Restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  I love talking to people - they are so interesting.  The other thing that I´ve noticed this week is as I pray for the ability to speak to and understand people the Lord blesses me.  This week no one asked me where I was from.  Just my companion and then when they figured out I was from the states they commented that they thought I was Argentine.  It made me very happy.

My time is running short in many ways.  And I feel like a race horse.  On the track there is a bell that is rung when there is only one lap left.  This tells the horse to run harder and faster than they ever have before.  This is me. When ever I feel tired and like my heart is about to burst I think about that bell and I rely on my Father in Heaven who is giving me the strength and energy I need to serve with everything that I have and more.

I love you all
smile - Hermana Milmont