Monday, October 15, 2012

Let the Spirit Guide

OK so not much time this week, but we had some really special experiences.  The one that hit me the hardest I think was on Sunday morning.  Sundays we get up early so we can go and get all of the people we are teaching, and take them to church.  We don´t have cars, and the bus system is basically non existent on the weekends,  therefore we walk.... a lot, nothing out of the ordinary.  We went to get all of the people we are teaching but despite all of our efforts only 2 made it to church, one of which was a miracle, I love those:).  So after having looked for all of our people, we were feeling a little down, but we decided that that train of thought would not get us anywhere productive.  On our way to church there was a young man probably about 20 sitting on a doorstep, and I felt something pull me to him, so I asked him,¨what are you waiting for?¨ he said ¨huh?¨ I repeated the question and he asked why and I said because it looked like he wasn't doing anything.  We invited him to come with us, the Church was two more blocks down the street.  He said he already knew the church.  Well that's an interesting statement.  Further on in the conversation we learned that he had been baptized in Moreno, another area, when he was 16, and that he had believed what he had learned.  But he didn't want to go with us.  Or give us any information so we could find him again.  We gave him our number.  but I felt like he was really hurting so with a prayer in my heart I told him just how much God loved him, and that He knows what he´s going through.  ¨Your Heavenly Father wants you to know that He loves you, and he wants you to find happiness¨ his eyes watered and I just wanted to take all of his hurts away.  We talked about the sacrifice of Christ, and the opportunity we have to give Him our burdens.  I asked him if he still had his Book of Mormon, he said no.  I smiled and said, I have a gift for you, pulled one out of my bag, marked a few passages and gave it to him.  He said ¨I still won´t come, but I´ll read¨  His name is Jonathan, so if you all would pray for him, I´d appreciate it.  I love you all.

 smile - Hermana Milmont

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