Monday, September 24, 2012

Plans Are Meant to Be Changed

Each week we make very... very extensive plans for all of the people we teach each week.  Starting on Thursday going through the following Sunday (ten days) it's a true test of faith for me.  In Argentina, many don´t think farther ahead than 24 hours... therefore, planning appointments with someone for the following week is 100% faith that the Lord will help that appointment follow through, and if not that another plan will emerge.  This week I was able to see the blessings of preparation.  We made plans.... a ton of plans, with members to go with us, and what we would be teaching to whom, and how we would help them increase in faith.  Most of those plans fell through, but as we trusted in the Lord, and went forward we ended up helping a lot more people than we had imagined.  It's comforting to me that plans can change, and that God plans too.  He see´s the big picture.  So when my limited understanding see´s the disintegration of a very planned out day, its ok:) because God has a better plan.  The key is that we put in our part.  We receive blessings as we prepare, and act.  He takes our preparation and our forward movement and directs where it will be most effective for His purposes.  I love you all. Stay safe and make preparations.

smile - Hna. Milmont  

P.S.  your homework - read and apply:)

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